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Need bucking services? At May Pipe, we can handle any make up or break out tubular connections you need for your job. Our crew has the expertise to provide fast turnaround and excellent service. We are skilled and experienced with all bucking services, including coupling connections, float equipment, mandrels, running tools, pup joints, and much more. May Pipe will ensure your downhole casing has the capability to do everything you need it to do.

  • We use top of the line equipment that has capacity to handle up to 60,000lb make up and break out with torque turn services.
  • We serve oil and gas companies throughout East Texas, the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Shreveport, southern Arkansas, and the rest of the ArkLaTex area. If you’re looking for an efficient and knowledgeable bucking service team, May Pipe has you covered.
  • We are a turnkey facility, able to handle all your job requirements, including threading, repairs, reconditioning, and inspections. We do it all. If you need a quote for bucking and assembly services, please contact May Pipe.

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